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National Ice Cream Month: Tooth-Friendly Alternatives to Stay Cool This Summer

July is National Ice Cream Month, a time to indulge in sweet frozen treats. However, traditional ice cream can be tough on your teeth due to its high sugar content. This blog will explore tooth-friendly alternatives to traditional ice cream, allowing you to enjoy a cool treat without compromising your dental health. Frozen Yogurt Frozen […]

Protecting Your Smile During Summer Vacation

Summer is a time for fun and relaxation, but as your local dentist, it’s our job to remind you that it’s also important to take care of your dental health while enjoying your vacation. From sugary treats to outdoor activities, summer can present challenges for your smile. This blog will provide tips on how to […]

Men’s Health Month: Prioritizing Your Dental Health

June is Men’s Health Month! Men’s Health Month is a great time to focus on overall well-being, including dental health. While many men may typically prioritize fitness and nutrition, dental health is more likely to be overlooked. This blog aims to highlight the importance of dental health for men and provide practical tips for maintaining […]

Stress Awareness Month

< Back to Dental Digest Blog Page April is not only Oral Cancer Awareness Month but also Stress Awareness Month! At Plantation Dental SSI, your top St. Simons and Golden Isles dentist, we prioritize not only your dental health but also your physical and mental well-being. While stress is a natural response to life and […]

Oral Cancer Awareness Month

     As proclaimed by the American Dental Association, April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month! Plantation Dental SSI dedicates this month as a time to raise awareness about oral cancer and promote early detection. As your trusted dentist office, we believe it is crucial to educate our patients and the larger Golden Isles community about […]