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Creative Ways to Make Oral Hygiene Fun for Kids

As Plantation Dental SSI continues to emphasize the importance of pediatric dental care and creating healthy habits, we wanted to share some creative ways to make oral hygiene fun for kids. Just a little bit of extra effort and something as simple as music can make the biggest difference in building these healthy habits early […]

The Importance of Pediatric Dental Care

Plantation Dental SSI is proud to provide dental care for families, including younger children. We strive to use this as an opportunity to emphasize the importance of pediatric dental care and explain the crucial role dental health plays in the lives of our children.    Why is Pediatric Dental Care Important? Check out these 8 […]

Tooth Fairy Tips & Tricks

Growing up, many people can recall the emotions and memories of losing a tooth. Some were scared, others excited, but no matter the experience –  one special thing made everything better: the tooth fairy. When it is time for baby teeth to go, Plantation Dental SSI wants to help you improve your tooth fairy game!  […]