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Some patients see a dentist appointment as a chore, while others see it as a chance to escape their usual daily tasks. Then, there is a third group that dreads dentist appointments completely. However, one common thing most experience when arriving home after an appointment, is tiredness. But why is that? This blog will explore the reasons why dentist appointments make you tired!


Enjoying the Dentist

The group of patients, who somewhat enjoy dentist appointments, view this as their chance to escape work or school! A reason they may find themselves feeling tired is they get to relax during their appointment. They get to lay back, close their eyes, and let the Dentist or the Hygienist do the rest. These patients may have to talk a little bit while there are tools in their mouths, but they don’t mind this too much. In fact, they may even enjoy it, because they can step away from their normal schedule that may sometimes feel mundane. This feeling of rest will make anyone tired, especially once they get home!


Fearing the Dentist

However, the very opposite group of people who strongly dislike dentist appointments, have very different reasons to have post-appointment tiredness. They walk into the office dreading the sharp tools and having to keep their mouths open. It is a huge relief to get home after 45 minutes to an hour of a tense and anxious feeling. Their next dentist appointment is 6-12 months away! As a matter of fact, this relief can make them feel tired too. Anxiety and fear can cause fatigue.

Indifferent about the Dentist

Lastly, for those who don’t mind dentist appointments. They just have to keep their mouth open the whole time, which can be a little uncomfortable at times, but they don’t mind it too much. This simple task can cause slight dehydration. Not enough to be a severe problem, of course, but it can make people feel a little exhausted. Make sure to drink plenty of water before and after your appointment!

Suggested remedies for this tiredness would be drinking water, exercising, or even indulging in a nap. Exercising is always a great way to wake you up and get your blood pumping again. Even a walk is a great way to wake yourself back up after a dentist appointment! For those who get stressed by a visit to the dentist, a nap might be the best option. Giving your body 30 minutes of rest, even if you don’t fall asleep, can be a game changer! Lastly, drinking plenty of water before and after your appointment can really help with dehydration and discomfort during your annual or biannual cleaning.

We hope this insight and the related tips will help you prepare for your next appointment. If you haven’t already scheduled your next dentist appointment, call us today at (912) 638-9001. We look forward to hearing from you!